4 extreme skiing holiday destinations

A Skiing holiday can be slow-paced, yet physically exerting – but what do you do when you want a wild skiing holiday that will push you to your limits? When family ski resorts just won’t make the grade, we’ve compiled a list of the best extreme skiing holiday destinations for your enjoyment. Will you be brave enough to join the pistes?

1. Avoriaz – France – Skiing holiday

Avoriaz skiing

Okay, so the first destination we visit is essentially a family skiing destination, but as Avoriaz features access to some of the highest altitudes in the world, it just had to get a mention as an extreme skiing site! With one of the most consistent snow records and arguably the most stunning vistas around, you will be able to beat traditional holidaymakers by visiting the one-of-a-kind concept freeride and freestyle skiing area – ‘The Stash’. Playing host to huge cliff drops, jaw-dropping tree rides, wall rides, wooden rails and so many more hidden extras, you can really take ‘extreme’ to the extreme!

2. Verbier – Switzerland – Sking holiday

best extreme skiing holiday destinations

No extreme skiing list would be complete without Verbier, Switzerland. Often regarded as the home of extreme skiing, this amazing destination doesn’t only offer the most legendary ski-runs in the world (like the Stairway to Heaven) and some of the most outstanding clinics for expert skiers to join to brush up on their skills – but it also presents several large-scale yearly competitions that draw in the ski world’s elite like no other haven. Why visit anywhere else, when you can rub shoulders with the biggest names in European skiing as you enjoy the slopes?

3. St Anton – Austria – Skiing holiday

best extreme skiing holiday destinations

Undoubtedly the most extreme skiing holiday destination in the known world is Austria’s ski resort St Anton. Favoured by thrill seekers and posh skiing clientele alike, consistent snowfall won’t be the only factor to attract your attention. Set in a traditional looking municipality with friendly locals, there will be a wide range of skiers vying for pole position on the infamous ski-runs. The Valluga ‘over the back’ tour will push the limits of even the most experienced skier and the coinciding Valluga Bridge Couloir has a descent that is so extreme that you won’t be permitted to ski without a guide. The Hinter Rendl and North Face tours are just two more areas that are widely advertised to those who have some serious expertise, so be extra careful if you’re skills are a little on the mediocre side.

4. Crested Butte – Colorado – Skiing holiday

crested butte colorado

While Europe often takes the cake when it comes to skiing destinations, no one goes quite as extreme as those in the USA. With this in mind, we visit Crested Butte in Colorado – and this really is a skiing destination for the adrenalin junkie. Boasting some of the most difficult skiing holiday terrains in the entire country, be sure to check out the crazy-cool steeps, alpine bowls and glades – such as the Banana Funnel and the Body Bag; so you really will find extreme skiing in every corner!

Do you have any of your own favourite extreme skiing holiday destinations to add to the list. If so, put them in the comments box below.