4 Hiking accessories that you shouldn’t travel without

We love hiking almost as much as cabins, and when you combine the two you’re presented with an incredible opportunity to explore the outdoors in a way that humankind have done for thousands of years. These days, many cabins are fitted with modern commodities and features, but that doesn’t mean that your hiking experience has to be any less traditional!

We’re not talking about running through the forestry in nothing but a loincloth and a bow – but there are a few particular hiking accessories that you should definitely consider having before heading out from your cabin; especially if you’re away from a local resort! Here’s a look at 4 hiking accessories that you shouldn’t travel without.

A Water Filtration System

water filtration system

If you’re planning a long hike or if you simply love the thought of drinking from local lakes and estuaries, then you won’t want to leave your cabin without some form of water filtration. Tablets are a good idea, but the more avid hiking enthusiasts among us will undoubtedly want to take an actual filtration system – straw and all! As much as we’d recommend this… you could always pack a few bottles of fresh drinking water, just to be on the safe side.

Suitable Clothing

hiking accessories

Hiking isn’t easy, and no matter how cold it is outside, you may soon find yourself wanting to strip down to your undergarments. A lot of people overlook the importance of a change of clothes – and they’re not just a necessity should you need to strip down or pile another layer on – they’re also useful should you fall into water or find yourself covered in mud. Even your cabin won’t let you back inside if you look like a swamp creature!

A Compass

hiking accessories

There may be those among us that can tell the time of day by gauging the position of the sun – but what will they do if it’s overcast outside? There’s a reason why compasses have become a staple travel tool over the centuries. Is there anything worse than being lost in the wilderness, with memories of a particular few horror films to keep you company? Take a compass, or maybe even two, just in case you ever find yourself lost or with a damaged map. It’s always better to be safer than sorry!

A Spare Pack for Firewood

hiking accessories backpack

If you’re staying in a cabin, then you’ll already be doing something that thousands of people around the world will envy you for. The majority of cabins will feature some form of heating – most of which may be fireplaces. If you want to stay warm, then you’ll need a fire – and what’s the most natural commodity available to humankind? Wood! When you’re out hiking, it’s a good idea to take a spare pack to fill with firewood, especially if you intend to warm up when you get back home.