5 Cabin Holidays to rejuvenate your love of the Outdoors

Going on holiday is often a one-time-only chance to relax and unwind, so many of us opt to stay in luxury resorts and sunny, sandy destinations to make the most of what limited time we have away. But there is a lot to be said for cabin holidays, especially when most of us are disconnected from the amazing benefits of nature. So, let’s take a look at 5 cabins to rejuvenate your love of the outdoors – maybe one of these will tempt you to stay in the heart of the wild next time you get a chance to take a trip.

1. Arcadia – Çirali, Turkey

cabin holiday cirali

With a small selection of wooden bungalows, made out of pine and cedar, dotted throughout a beautiful orange grove, you won’t find a more connected cabin holiday anywhere else. With tourists favouring a 5km hike to Chimaera to witness natural fires that are caused by methane emissions from the earth, the stunning coastline of the beach isn’t the only natural draw.

cabin on the beach

Enjoy breakfast by the beach and you can take in the wonderful views and relaxed atmosphere of this idyllic setting.  Cirali is located on the south coast of Turkey below the bustling city of Antalya.

2. Island Cabin with Sauna – Eastern Finland

The aptly named Island Cabin with Sauna in Finland Lake Saimaa is one cabin that you will want to add to your bucket list! Built in 2011 using local materials, the Island Cabin can be found secluded on Finland’s largest lake – Lake Saimaa.

cabin holidays

As its name would suggest, the site plays host to a sauna – which is situated a mere 50m from the cabin itself. With a whole host of sights to see and activities to be enjoyed in both the lake and the surrounding forest, you’ll be busy connecting with nature in no time.

lake cabins

With views over the lake and the most peaceful surroundings visitors begin to relax immediately.  Lake Saimaa is located in Southeastern Finland and is the largest in Finland. There are many activities to enjoy on this cabin holiday, such as canoeing and Kayaking on the lake, forest walks and the sauna, but the main attraction of this break is the feeling of seclusion and tranquility.

3. Petter’s Cabin – Sweden

Situated on the edge of Sweden’s Sweedens largest nature reserve, Vindelfjällen, Petters’s Cabin is a small and cosy cabin that really is in the heart of nature. Surrounded by the wilderness of mountains, two connecting rivers and an ancient forest, the western part of Swedish Lapland won’t fail in its mission to rejuvenate your senses.

sweden cabin

4. Sundance Nature Village – Antalya, Turkey

Back to Turkey, this time we are visiting the wonderful Sundance Nature Village, which can be found nestled between Mount Tahtali and its own private beach, this one-of-a-kind getaway prides itself on offering total self-sufficiency for every temporary inhabitant. With solar panels to heat the personal water supply, fresh fruit to be picked from the garden and sea-fare like shrimp to be purchased from the villages local fishermen, you won’t find a more satisfying organic holiday in Europe.

5. Forest of Dean – United Kingdom

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding woodland locations in the entire world, the Forest of Dean in the UK stretches for an amazing 27,000 acres. A fairy-tale forest right down to its roots, this is the single location that inspired the some of the darker chapters of both J R R Tolkien and J K Rowling’s biggest literary works. With little natural light permeating the dense leafy coverage, it is Britain’s biggest oak forest, but if you are not quite ready to go all out to connect with nature, this may just be the destination for you.

forest of dean

With ample things to do including visiting the Clearwell Caves, touring the movie spots or following the sculpture trail, there should be something for everyone in your family or group. With great mountain biking and extensive walking trails each day spent in the Forest of Dean will offer something different.