8 of the Most Memorable Walks in Cornwall

The stunning vistas of Cornwall are a place of mystery and intrigue, and with such a wealth history in the location it’s no wonder that so many people flock to it for weekend retreats! From the expansive grassy hills, all the way to the beautiful coastline; there is something intensely spiritual about Cornwall, and not just because of its reportedly haunted nature! Whether you’ve been to the county before, or if you’re keen to go – we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the most memorable walks in Cornwall – the only thing that we can’t provide is a backpack and hiking boots!

The Fabled Castle of Tintagel

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The legend of King Arthur’s existence has never truly been proven, but if you were to see the ruins of his apparent castle at Tintagel you may well become a believer! Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or not, you’ll get to walk through Merlin’s Cave, explore the ruins of the castle grounds, and experience the awe-inspiring atmosphere that has attracted more ghost hunters than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. There are guided walks, but we think that a solo exploration can be just as exciting!

Exploring Harbour Cove

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If an unspoilt beach that seems to go on for miles is more your cup of tea, then you won’t go wrong by dedicating a few hours to explore Harbour Cove. The beach itself is just over a mile in length, and centuries ago it was used as a harbour for trade vessels, transport boats – and reportedly even pirate ships. These days, the golden sands are well maintained by local organisations – but they won’t mind you sitting down to enjoy the view with a couple of ‘King Arthur’ styled sand castles on your flanks!

The Tongue Twister that is Lanhydrock

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Lanhydrock (pronounced Lan-Ee-Drock) estate is one of the largest in Cornwall and its heritage can be traced back even further than mediaeval times. This pleasantly atmospheric walk will take you past a running estuary, across a bridge and into the mystical woodlands that lay just South of the estate itself. If you visit at the right time of year, you may even be able to take part in one of the Live Action Role Play activities that occur from time to time.

The Ancient Stannon Moor

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Stannon Moor may not boast the notoriety of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, but the rock formations are no less impressive. The moor itself comprises an expanse of fields, walkways and adventure trails, but where things get really exciting is at the entrance to a set of ancient burial chambers. The more morbid amongst us won’t mind traversing these pre-mediaeval tombs, but for everyone else there are more than a few stone circles, standing stones and stunning rock formations to enjoy instead!

King Doniert’s Stone

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Here’s one of our favourite spots in Cornwall – it actually doesn’t receive half of the attention that it truly deserves. Golitha Falls plays host to an incredible memorial to the last King of Cornwall; King Doniert. The falls are contained within a National Nature Reserve, and fans of wildlife will really be in their element as they pass through this sacred region. Deer, badgers, hedgehog and even hawks can be sighted, but the true champion has to be the memorial to King Doniert himself. Standing as tall as two men, and weighing more than a fully-loaded van; you’ll spend hours trying to work out how our ancestors managed to lift the solid granite into its current formation.

The Iconic Bude Beach

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If calm, passive waves are more your style, then definitely consider taking a walk alongside Bude Beach. In the days of old, this sea front was used to load and unload visitors of Cornwall, and many of these voyages actually perished on the waves – leaving plenty of wreckages for divers to traverse when the weather allows. The walk itself is enough to reinvigorate even the stalest attitude, but it is worth noting that the seagulls are some of the biggest in the United Kingdom – so if you are going to eat a hotdog, be sure to run for cover!

A Port Quin Adventure

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Taking a boat ride may be seen as cheating by some walking-enthusiasts, but the fact is that a walk around a boat can be just as eventful as any location on land! Port Quin plays host to several sea-faring vessels, and you can even book a trip around the coast to really take the sights in. As soon as you’re back on solid ground, you’ll still have the option to walk the expansive length of beach nearby, and just to the East are official walking routes if you need to shake off any sea-sickness.

The Haunted Walk of Bodmin Jail

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image courtesy www.bodminjail.org

Locals say that you can’t visit Cornwall without experiencing the eerie atmosphere of Bodmin Jail. This centuries’ old prison bore witness to some of the most notorious criminals in the South of England, and many of them were executed on site. In fact aspiring hangmen spent years building their reputation, just to have a chance of proving their worth at the gallows of Bodmin Jail. As you enter the main facility, you may be one of the few that actually experience paranormal activity first hand. If you decide to venture down into the dungeon at least take a whistle – not just because of the tendency to get lost; the grounds are big enough to play a game of football, should you wish to test your refereeing skills!

Cornwall is one of the most heritage-filled regions within the UK, and even those that live there haven’t experienced all that the fabled land has to offer. If you’re planning a trip to the location, then what better way to spend it than in the comfort of your own cabin? You’ll be able to explore the landscape by day, and retreat to your warm confines to reminisce in the evening!

If you know of any other great walks in Cornwall we could add to the list, then let us know below.