9 Adrenaline Filled Travel Destinations You Should Visit

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? It’s great for the body, and even better for the memory bank – and with so many great places to visit; it’s less about where to go, and more about why you need to go! If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to turn a weekend getaway in to an adrenaline-pumping adventure of a lifetime, it’s great memories. Here’s a look at 9 adrenaline filled travel destinations we recommend.

A heart-pumping trip up the Eiffel Tower

eifell tower

They say that Paris is the land of love, but there’s a reason why more and more adrenaline-junkies are booking flights to the legendary hot spot. It may not look mountable from the outside, but a series of cleverly placed walkways and stairs allow tourists and locals alike to make their way to the pinnacle of the tower – where the surrounding scenery can be enjoyed in all of its glory. What better way to spend a few hours on a weekend?

Take a dive off of Switzerland’s biggest dam

switzerland bungee jump

Playing host to the world’s highest bungee jumping station – the Contra Dam in Switzerland has to be one of the top destinations for fans of adrenaline-surges! With a gargantuan height of 220 metres, the jump provides more than just a rush of adrenaline; it’s an achievement too! Many people opt to climb the external stairway, although there is a lift just in case you’d prefer to save your enthusiasm for the leap itself.

The wonder that is Stonehenge

As far as historic landmarks go, they don’t come any more authentic than the iconic Stonehenge. Located in the south west of the United Kingdom, this travel destination is less about exciting adrenaline, and more about emotional stimulation! Just knowing that thousands upon thousands of people have walked the same steps over the millennia, is enough to trigger awe in even the sturdiest of individuals. Throw in the fact that even experts don’t know why Stonehenge was constructed, and you have a mysterious adventure in and of itself.

The underwater paradise of the Maldives

adrenalie holidays

If wildlife is more up your alley, then you won’t go wrong with the Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. It’s an entire labyrinth of tunnels, seating areas and underwater facilities – and it’s like nothing else on the planet. The reserve itself plays host to a whopping variety of underwater species, from manta rays and whale sharks, all the way to turtles and seahorses – so there really is something for everyone. The fish are entirely used to humans too – and they’ll often approach the glass housing that keeps the water out, and onlookers securely in.

Get swept away in Pembrokeshire

When you think of Wales, you’d be forgiven for imagining expansive landscapes, stunningly green vistas, and friendly locals. If you’re looking for an exciting trip to Wales however, then you can’t go wrong with a journey to the coast of Pembrokeshire. This breath-taking location has played host to surfers, swimmers and outdoors-enthusiasts since the early 80’s – and things have only improved over the decades. Entire tours are dedicated to traversing the rocky coastline – which is constantly bombarded by man-high waves, although safety gear is advised to avoid being dragged out to see!

An exhilarating incline inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

leaning tower of pisa

If you love the idea of scaling the Eiffel Tower, then you’ll love the thought of climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. With a now manageable lean of 4.1 meters (previous 5 meters), this instantly recognisable bastion is as enjoyable to climb as it is challenging. There have even been tales of avid adventures scaling the outer walls of the building, although we’d recommend sticking to the much safer internal staircases. Once you reach the peak, you’ll have an awe-inspiring view of the medieval surrounds – which make a great backdrop for family photos.

Getting up close and personal with a polar bear

polar bear

Is there anything scarier than almost coming face to face with a 300kg grizzly bear? How about a 450kg, bright white polar bear instead? These incredibly dangerous predators are commonplace in and around the icy slopes north of Norway. The snow is a constant presence, as are the native polar bear species – and they can be sighted from the comfort of a tour boat all year long. Getting too close isn’t allowed however, as not only is swimming with polar bears forbidden; it’s also physically impossible due to the extremely low water temperatures!

Quad biking across the Channel Islands

It’s easy to book a flight to a foreign destination, but the best adventures are often a little closer to home. Have you ever considered quad biking across the rocky and hilly outcrops in and around the Channel Islands? Local rentals are easy to come by, and getting lost in the expanse of hills is even easier. There’s actually no better way to climb a steep incline than atop a 4 wheel-drive vehicle, and then zooming down the other side is even more exciting.

Traverse Europe without even standing up

europe train hoilidays

If you said to someone twenty years ago, that it would be possible to travel around Europe without standing up – you’d probably receive a rather peculiar stare in return. Thanks to InterRail, this activity is now entirely possible, and it’s ideal for those of us that prefer gentle trickles of adrenaline, as opposed to sudden jolts of excitement. So what can you expect on this exciting train ride? Well, no less than sights of France, Greece and Italy, as well as a journey past the Swiss Alps and the Bavarian Mountain-scape!

So where are you planning on taking your next trip? Have you already experienced any of the above travel destinations? We hope that wherever you are, and whatever you’re planning to do with your trip, that you stay safe and make the most of the experience!