Cabin holidays in the summer sunshine

Cabin holidays in the summer don’t mean that you’re going to simply relax on a beach. You could take a step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life by going on a unique cabin retreat. Taking time out to enjoy a cabin holiday can recharge your batteries and give you a new perspective on life, so take a look at the top summertime cabin getaways to see if your next holiday could be spent relaxing a totally different way.

1. Stockholm Archipelago cabin holidays, Sweden

cabin holidays in the summer sunshine

With around 25,000 islands comprising the Stockholm Archipelago. A thousand inhabited islands stretch out across more than 62 miles of the Baltic Sea. With a wide array of adventures to be had, from sandy white beaches, secluded coves, rocky islets, pine forests and so much more, the ability for holiday makers to alight upon any of the archipelago’s open shores makes for a versatile holiday destination indeed.

In terms of a cabin holiday, you can rent a beautiful pastel coloured wooden cottage in the tiny village island of Vaxholm. With travel options around the entire area, such as canoes and kayaks, sailboats, ferries, eco-friendly busses, trams, or even a metro – you will have the most unique access to all of the amazing activities at your fingertips.

2. Banff, Alberta cabin holidays, Canada

cabin holidays in the summer Canadian sunshine

Situated in the Rockies mountain range in Alberta, Canada, Banff is one cabin destination that is famous for its amazing skiing facilities. So, why is it on a rundown of the top summertime cabin holidays? Well, with the thaw of the summer months comes the opening of the hiking trails, and as the mountain views simply can’t be rivalled, we just had to add it to our list! Banff is one of those well-kept summer holiday secrets, and it is even privy to extended daylight hours from June all the way through to September. With a whole host of activities to enjoy, including camping, canoeing, cycling, fishing, golfing, hiking, skateboarding, swimming, tennis and so much more, you really will be spoilt for choice.

3. Layénie Under The Stars cabin holidays, France

cabin holidays in france summer sun

One of the most secluded summer cabin retreats on the list, Layénie Under The Stars is a picturesque little wooden cabin that will melt your heart. With quirky decor and brightly coloured finishing’s – it is a handmade cabin that was literally built by the next door neighbour! Rich in stunning vistas, nature walks and cycle routes alike, you can visit the local lake, an open-air pool in the commune of Bajamont (two miles away), or even the historic city of Agen (13 miles away) if you fancy going further afield during your stay.

4. The Three Towers, Galway, Ireland

Taking life right back to the days of yore, the Three Towers can be found nestled in the Slieve Aughty Mountains in Galway, Ireland. From the humble beginnings of an organic garden with a horse-riding centre, the site now plays host to a guesthouse, a set of cabins, a cottage and even an onsite cafe. Keeping up the traditions of organic produce and horse riding as they once did, visitors can now enjoy donkey walks, guided walks and bike rides throughout the 2,000 acres of surrounding forest.