Canadian log cabins

Canadian log cabins are now a great choice as holidays and tour packages have evolved significantly in every way over the years ranging from accommodation to attractions and activities among other things. The traditional large hotels populated with several variations of room specifications are no longer the ultimate options for accommodation. Instead the idea of totally immersing yourself in everything your destination has to offer is lauded as the best way to travel.

canadian log cabins

The bottom line is that every traveller, tourist or visitor wants the best comfort and experience and these experiences are influenced by various facets of the holiday. The facets include transportation, accommodation, food, attractions, service standard, convenience and flexibility but one thing that stands out for holidaymakers wishing to explore new places is the type of accommodation they choose, and more people than ever are opting to turn away from hotels when visiting Canada, instead choosing to stay in Canadian log cabins.

What is expected of the accommodation?

In order to fully assess Canadian log cabins as a form of accommodation, it is important to identify what distinguishes these from other types of accommodation. For travellers and tourists, accommodation is not any less than a centric base. Whilst some travellers may shift from hotel to hotel, spending more than two nights at the same place will mean various activities are coordinated from your base.

This besides the fact that it is where you rest makes accommodation one of the first considerations people make. It does not only have to be neatly arranged or feature a good standard of décor, but also must have ample space, be a good price, have good security, amenities, and above all else it must be comfortable. The location and type of local environment included may also be one of the top considerations for many.

The benefits of Canadian log cabins

The fun of homestead tourism – One of the experiences people have come to love is that of homestead tourism. Unlike the conventional “stay-at-the hotel” experience, homestead tours give you full control over your accommodation. This is the experience Canadian log cabins bring.

canadian log cabins

They are fully furnished cabins made of hard logs and designed in an elegant fashion. Staying in these cabins brings the feeling of being in a natural environment. They resemble residential houses and give those on holiday an opportunity for complete cultural immersion.

The convenience of owning these cabins for some time and enjoying all of the freedoms associated with living there cannot be matched by hotel experiences. It is like a new home in a foreign country and is also great for families.

Canadian log cabins are designed to hold full families but if you are a couple or a small group it’s perfect for your stay too. Visit the Tetachuck Lodge in British Columbia and you’ll find not only does the area offer a beautiful vista of unspoilt scenery, but you’ll be able to relax in comfort with everything you need to immerse yourself in Canadian life.

canadian log cabins

The Tetachuck lodge consists of one main lodge and 6 log cabins, perfect for a larger family or group. The main lodge has a dining room where you can have your meals served throughout the day, and also contains a kitchen and small library where you can while away the evenings in the colder weather.

Most of the cabins have fireplaces to give you that real country lodge feel, and they are perfectly positioned to offer great views of the natural scenery beyond. The west cabin even has a large verandah for you to sit out on in warmer evenings whilst you gaze at the beauty of the area.

Why visit British Columbia

It’s interesting to note that British Columbia has become a sought after spot for Canadian holidays, as more and more people want to opt out of the commercialized destinations and explore rural living when they go on holiday. However, despite it’s beautiful scenery, there are a wealth of things to do whilst visiting British Columbia that will be well worth putting on your “to-do” list.


First and foremost, it’s wise to explore the area to get a feel of what this beautiful part of the world has to offer. Not only can you take a good look at the lush mountains, but you can also take a trip into some of the most stunning forests in the world. There’s plenty of nature to see too – from grizzly bear tours to bald eagle spotting, you’re sure to fall in love with nature all over again!


The huge number of farms and wineries allow British Columbia to offer an unrivalled fresh and tempting array of foods and wines at various eateries across the region. Whether you’re a huge foodie, or want to try something new, there are a number of fine restaurants. For a more cosy dinner, why not try shopping at one of the local markets and trying some of the fresh fish or locally brewed cider.

All in all, there really are so many reasons why Canadian log cabins, particularly those in British Columbia are so popular for a holiday. The warm welcome you’ll get from the locals and the feel of living somewhere that is so beautiful and natural it will make going home a difficult thing to do.