Coastal log cabin holidays in the UK

Holidays are times when many people just need to experience comfort, happiness, relaxation and fun. For others, it is the time for exploration and engaging in activities. There are many ways you can spend a holiday depending on your preferences and interests. Log cabins have become a great choice for many modern travelers due to various reasons that include the beauty of their location, comfort, convenience and control.

coastal log cabins

The big question is how to spend holidays in log cabins. If you are looking for things to do on a holiday in coastal log cabins, there are many options you can try. However, it is also important to know what differences log cabins bring to a holiday.

Why Coastal log cabin holidays?

Coastal log cabins holidays are on the rise. There are many reasons why people prefer log cabins to the traditional “stay-in-a-hotel” accommodation plan. These cabins are designed to emulate the convenience of homestead tourism. Occupants have full control over the cabin during their stay and the rooms are spacious and come with many home comforts. This alone is enough reason for many. Besides, the rooms are bigger and more flexible and can accommodate single tourists, couples and families alike.

What to engage in

While log cabins are generally convenient, coastal log cabin holidays are exceptional. There are many things one can do when staying at a coastal cabin that others never find a chance to try out. Firstly, a coastal cabin is in close proximity to a beach. Water activities attract enthusiasts of all kinds and the number of activities is simply inexhaustible. From swimming to surfing, surfboarding, kayaking, sailing, fishing, rowing and water games, beaches are simply the best destinations for travellers.

The coastal terrain is often dynamic and allows more enthusiast activities like sightseeing and taking pictures, catching sunset views and mountain climbing among other things. Nonetheless, not every coastal experience is the same. The number of activities allowed, weather patterns of the area, safety of the water, space available and capacity of the facility are all limiting factors. When choosing a coastal log cabin, these are all factors that should be considered. Some of the activities listed above are briefly described as follows;

Surfing and body boarding

This is one of the most popular activities one can engage in when in a coastal region. Surfers from all walks visit coasts in search of good waters for surfing. Safety and space are the big considerations when looking for a surfing spot.


Although this requires flowing water like that in rivers, coastal regions still provide great sites for having fun kayaking from end to end.


Nothing compares to swimming in natural water. Spending a holiday in coastal log cabins will expose you to the world’s largest oceans and you can swim as much as you desire. Although boundaries are often created to ensure safety, coastal regions provide ample space to exhaust any swimmer.

Rafting and water games

There are many games to play in the water. From unstructured spontaneous games created on the hop to known games like pool volleyball, rafting and rowing, there is simply no limit to creativity.


Spending some time catching fish and enjoying the cool sea breezes in the process is every fisherman’s desire. Coastal log cabins present the opportunity to go and enjoy fishing sessions in the best places to fish.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Coastal regions are dynamic landscapes that include slopes, coral reefs, lengthy sandy beaches, clear blue oceans and sights of whales and fish schools. You can bask in the beaches during the day and enjoy the sites, capturing memorable moments and experiences on your camera.

Exploration and activities

The dynamism of coastal landscapes allows enthusiasts of various activities to engage in their interests. Cycling, rock climbing and skiing are all available options. Coastal log cabins already feel like camping and lovers of serene environments will find them the perfect destinations. Some also provide options for horse riding and engaging in cultural events and functions like dances.

Some of the best coastal log cabins to visit

As usual, different destinations present varying experiences and some may not be as pleasant and interesting as others. Others are simply incredible and visitors would relish a chance to visit them over and over again. Finding the best coastal log cabin should not be a daunting task. Most coastal log cabins are located near rivers, oceans and lakes with lengthy beaches and exquisite surroundings.

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The Tetachuck Lodge in British Columbia, Canada is such example. Mountains and picturesque views from all directions surround the location. Their log cabins are also elegant designs with ample space for a comfortable and wonderful holiday experience.

willow lodge devon

The Willow Lodge in Devon offers the coast of the lake for sailing and a woodland area that encourages activities such as horse riding. There are very few log cabins located near oceans. While these cabins offer a much better experience of enjoying cool waters, they are often populated by many tourists who travel long distances to reach such destinations. It is therefore much better to spend it at a log cabin situated in serene locations close to clear water lakes and mountain ranges. Besides, such environments provide more activities to engage in and are surrounded by more dynamic landscapes.

Spending a holiday in log cabins is already an exhilarating experience. However, you need activities that will maintain the interest and really serve to enhance the experience. Coastal log cabins provide that option with activities like surfing, sailing, fishing, swimming, cycling, horse riding, mountain climbing, site seeing and even cultural events. The above-mentioned log cabins are some good examples to visit. Besides offering elegant comfortable cabins, they provide top-level service and accommodation.