Here are our top 5 eco friendly living log cabins in the UK

Eco friendly living log cabin stays are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to spend your holidays. But if you’re looking for something unique while sticking to sustainable living, you won’t be disappointed with these great finds. Have a look at our list of the most unique and eco-friendly log cabins in the UK.

Bivouac Woodland Shacks, Masham, North Yorkshire.

top 5 eco friendly living log cabins in the UK

Don’t let the term “shack” fool you; these log cabins are sustainable living at its finest, without sacrificing modern luxuries. Each cabin (above) is equipped with a wood-burning stove, bunk beds, and unique décor fashioned from recycled antiques. And while there’s no internet connection, toilets, or showers in these cabins (perfect for nature-conscious travelers who really do want to get away from it all) you’re never too far from the grid: all it takes is a short walk to the main lodge for WiFi, showers, and restrooms.

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Mosaic Cabin, Pencombestone, Herefordshire, West Midlands.

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There’s more to staying at Mosaic Cabin than stunning views of the expanses of the Herefordshire countryside. This eco-friendly living log cabin is one of the most luxurious options for green-minded guests. Built from local timber and outfitted with solar panels, the Mosaic Cabin features a piano, artisan textiles from the world over, and a tiled bathroom equipped with an impressive power shower. Even the heating is energy efficient, with self-heating oak floors. While this may not be the definition of roughing it, the cabin’s fire pit, pagoda (great for yoga and meditation!), and rugged surroundings are the next best thing.

Lost Meadow Tree Tent, Broom Park Farm, Bodmin, Cornwall.

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It’s not made of logs, and it’s not really a cabin, but the spirit of the Lost Meadow Tree Tent is the same as any eco-friendly lodge holiday. Hidden away in a forest that boasts over 20 acres of open fields and woodlands, the Lost Meadow Tree Tent sits suspended in mid-air, 3 meters above the ground. Even with its fire pit and ground-level camp below, this lightweight spherical tent has little to no impact on the environment: it was built to minimize strain on the forest trees, and it contains a thick internal lining to keep visitors warm year-round.

The surrounding nature is so untouched that it’s common to see a variety of wildlife in this location, from deer passing beneath the tent to ducks and Kingfishers taking up residence on the banks of the nearby river. Activities in the area are meant for those with green living in mind: think nature walks through the meadows, fishing in the nearby river, and nightly campfire cookouts beneath the stars.

Cwtch Camping, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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When you first see this campsite, you’ll know why the owner chose the term cwtch (pronounced ‘kutch,’ – the Welsh word for ‘hug,’) for these one of a kind log cabins. With bunk beds and sloping roofs, these cabins are definitely cozy. Each lodge was handmade by the owner – who also happens to be a carpenter – from locally milled wood, and they offer log cabin luxury with a low environmental impact. Plan on sharing a kitchen and bathroom with three other cwtch campers, but enjoy a private south-facing patio.

Perhaps the best reason to book? When you arrive, you’ll be presented with a bottle of local wine, Welsh cakes, and fresh-baked bread. After a day spent on the bike trails or wandering the nearby woodlands, the cwtch is the perfect place to come back to for a relaxing evening. Just remember: the cwtch is so eco-friendly that it forgoes electricity altogether, so stock up on torches and extra batteries for your stay. To see more click here

The Yurt Farm, Ceredigion, Wales.

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While a yurt may not technically be a log cabin, we still think it qualifies to make the list. The Yurt Farm is spread over 5 lush acres of a working organic farm, and everything, from the farm to table meals to the decomposable bath tissue, was made with the smallest possible environmental impact in mind. Upon arrival, you’ll find your yurt stocked with fresh vegetables and eggs brought in directly from the farm, plus free firewood for the length of your stay. (Yes, firewood. The only heat for your yurt will come from the wood burning stove).

All of the bedding in the yurts – from the mattresses, sheets, and duvets – are crafted from organic material. Guests enjoy the very best of sustainable living, from cooking over the camp fire, gathering eggs from the hen-house, and cooling off in the solar-powered showers. Added bonus: For those travelling with small children, staying in a yurt will be exciting in its own right. However, should you feel that your little ones need even more of an unforgettable adventure, the Yurt Farm also offers family lodging in a bright red train carriage.

Believe it or not, these are just a few examples of unique and totally eco friendly living lodging in the UK. Contact us today for more information on booking your own unique and environmentally friendly log cabin holiday!