Eco friendly log cabins

‘Eco Friendly’. It’s a term that we’re all familiar with and its importance is both well known and highly regarded by the majority. ‘Save the environment’, ‘Go green’, ‘Recycle’, these are just a few examples of slogans which you can see on the high street, roadside or super store. We also now, by law, need to be correctly recycling our household waste or risk our rubbish not being collected, as well as a possible fine. Eco friendly log cabins are the latest in eco holidays.

We know that it’s not just our atmosphere that suffers when people are not eco friendly, but also the various breeds of animals that are increasingly becoming threatened to the point of extinction, due to our bad habits. A greener, more environmentally friendly world is beneficial to us all. So, why do so many people forget the importance of it when they’re looking to book a holiday?

Shiny new, high-storey hotels look great in a brochure, but do we consider what was demolished in order for the skyscrapers to be constructed? An all-inclusive package with no added expenses can look appealing, until we ponder what or who is actually paying for this. There’s a strong chance that it’s the environment that will have suffered in order to build (yet another) gleaming, brand spanking hotel complex.

Experience the luxury that nature has to offer- taking eco friendly holidays

We must begin by stating clearly that taking eco-friendly holidays does not have to mean pitching a tent in a field. A holiday in an eco-friendly log cabin offers superb luxury, scenic surroundings, extreme relaxation and the very best parts of nature used to increase all aspects of this for you are all part of eco-friendly lodges. Eco-friendly lodges are situated throughout the many beauty spots that the UK have to offer and they all include something charmingly different, to appeal to every taste.

eco friendly log cabins

For example, the Bivouac log cabin, in Masham, North Yorkshire is an eco-friendly lodge, made from coppice wood, taken from coppice trees. The wood taken to build the Bivouac will regrow so this makes this particular cabin a very eco-friendly place to stay. The Bivouac has an unrivalled position; offering stunning views of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

This eco friendly log cabin offers a glamorous yet homely feel, with high quality fixtures and fittings, comfortable beds, a log burner, range cooker and gas burner. Yet it has also used it’s beautiful natural surroundings to its advantage and the open plan living, kitchen and dining area’s windows ensure that natural daylight floods through the lodge, bringing the outdoors in.

The log cabin is surrounded by nature, British wildlife and unspoilt beauty spots which bring relaxation, harmony and increase one’s inner well being, much more than anything man made ever could.

Eco Friendly Lodges Could Actually Make You Happier

A series of studies that was released by the Journal of Environmental Psychology in 2010, include the revelation that a person needs to be outdoors for at least 20 minutes per day in order to have their vitality levels significantly boosted.

Professor of psychology, education and psychiatry, Richard Ryan, says that ‘nature is fuel for the soul’ and research suggests that getting connected with nature is a much better way for a person to feel energized. The outdoors is great for both physical and mental health and one of the pathways to this is to spend time in natural surroundings. Similar studies have also suggested that just the presence of nature can ward off feelings of exhaustion, with 90% of people reporting an increase in energy when partaking in outdoor activities.

What can eco friendly lodges offer in the way of getting back to basics?

Many eco friendly log cabins out there can offer a very back to basics appeal, especially when you take the Bivouac log cabin, mentioned earlier. There is no electricity, so you can certainly feel like you’re getting back to nature, and the wood burning stove provides the only hot water available so getting back to a simpler time is easy when you book at a spot such as this one.

Log burning stoves, stunning views and secluded spots mean that eco friendly log cabins can tick all the boxes for an eco friendly holiday. When you need to escape from the stresses of everyday life, it is nature and all its glory that has an unrivalled ability to provide utter relaxation.

Making the most of eco friendly log cabins

Simple strategies can mean that you will enjoy an eco friendly holiday to its fullest, whilst also minimizing your carbon footprint

● Tip 1: Choose a destination close to home to minimise fossil fuels and pollution

● Tip 2: Don’t switch on lights when you can cope with the natural daylight (and take advantage of this with the floor to ceiling windows in many of our lodges).

● Tip 3: Choose a location that is in walking or cycling distance of attractions and activities that appeal to you.

● Tip 4: Use public transport where possible. Bus travel generates 25% fewer carbon dioxide emissions per passenger than travel in a car.

● Tip 5: If you are using a personal vehicle then check tyre pressure and remove any unnecessary objects from your vehicle before setting off. Proper vehicle maintenance and careful driving habits could reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

As you can see, it is easy to relax and enjoy an eco friendly holiday without needed to compromise on comfort. Why not take your next holiday at one of the eco-friendly lodges mentioned, and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re not harming the environment by doing so!