Forest Lodge Holidays

This country, like many others, is full of people looking to get away from the city and claw back some relaxation time in a setting that isn’t so commercial. Some holiday makers go for the country’s finest parks while others pick camping sites by the beach or up in the hills, to take advantage of spectacular panoramic views.

forest lodge holidays

Taking log cabin forest lodge holidays to get back to nature however affords you a variety of benefits that will make your lodge or cabin feel so far from home, you’ll be able to unwind in peace.

The benefits of booking forest lodge holidays in the UK

Log cabins blend well with natural aesthetics such as trees, rivers, plush greenery, wildlife and blue sunny skies. This enables you to get right into the heart of nature the minute you step into a forest log cabin. They’re build in such a way that makes you feel right at home in the forest, but they can also contain all of the modern conveniences to make your break even more relaxing. Some cabins offer Wi-Fi, some have microwaves or TV’s, and some let you get right back to basics – the choice is entirely yours.

Forest lodge holidays are a great was to support environmental conservation initiatives too. Some of the cabins are for instance made of solid timber, which effectively stops the release of carbon in the wood back into the atmosphere. In addition to this, most UK forest log cabins are built using universally accepted green-architectural concepts that can as well cut back your daily energy consumption by over 30 percent while on vacation. If you look at the eco-friendly cabins available, you’ll definitely be able to get back to basics, and feel at one with nature, making the holiday even more of a change from the usual rat race.

Forest lodge holidays in the UK offer great accommodation

forest lodge holidays

Watersedge lodge in Cornwall draws a clear picture of what log cabin holidays in the UK look like. The waters-edge lodges provide ideal accommodation nestled between trees and next to a lake, which provides stunning views and peaceful scenery. There are, however, plenty of things to do in the local area that will ensure that you’re not too far from civilization if you’re uncomfortable being too out-of-the-way. This lodge in particular provides a private decked terrace overlooking the lake, and you’ll truly feel that you’re in a secluded and relaxing place. Although it’s an eco friendly cabin, you won’t be short of any home comforts as there is a TV, DVD player and fully equipped kitchen.

Another good choice for forest lodge holidays in the UK would be the Woodland Cabin in Scotland. Around 250 yards from Loch Awe, these cabins, with vaulted ceilings, wood burning stoves and raised verandahs are even created by the forestry commission as a place of true tranquility. It’s peaceful and quiet enough for you to explore at your leaser and there are walks, cycle routes and castles, rivers and mountains to explore, before you while away the evening in perfect peace and quiet from your verandah, looking up at the night sky and enjoying the spectacular views.

Planning forest lodge holidays

A memorable forest log cabin holiday in the UK starts with careful planning. This involves considering the size of your family or the number of friends you intend to travel with. As a result, you will determine the size of cabin and facilities you need for the number of days you want the holiday to last. Think about accessibility, and what everyone’s hobbies are. If you’re into cycling, bird watching or painting choose somewhere that offers you the opportunity to do all of these. If it’s a relaxing holiday you’re after, where you read, watch TV and go for walks, then your accommodation should be something comfortable, warm and cosy. If any of the party has a pet, consider choosing a forest lodge holiday where your pet can come along with you. You can be sure they will enjoy the holiday, and you’ll enjoy not having to pay kennel fees.

You should also take note of what the cabin contains before you travel. There’s no point stocking up on microwave meals if you don’t have a microwave in the cabin, and similarly there’s no point in taking DVD’s if there’s no player. Of course you could take your own DVD player or microwave, but if you’re looking to get back to nature, perhaps cooking from scratch or reading would be better than bringing half your home with you. You can certainly have a great holiday going back to basics without your usual creature comforts. Sometimes a warm blanket and a good book are all it takes to relax and unwind.

Whichever way you look at it, you can take on forest lodge holidays to go back to nature or to rejuvenate yourself by rediscovering the simple pleasures of life. Forest lodge holidays in the UK are affordable and they can be arranged quickly too, so if you find you’ve a weekend free, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to suit you. Whether it’s a midweek or weekend break, or a little longer, you’re sure to find the perfect forest lodge to take some time out and enjoy yourself, forgetting about the stress of work, and getting back to nature.