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  • Bedrooms: 3

  • Sleeps: 7

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  • Fishing

  • Mountain Biking


Tetachuck Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

Tetachuck Wilderness lodge is located in British Columbia right on the edge of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Canada. This is currently the largest protected area of British Columbia.

The lodge is surrounded by a wonderful Canadian landscape with clear lakes and mountains capped by perfect white snow. What makes this special is the arrival to the lodge by boat or a sea plane.
The typical and cozy log cabins are located on the banks of the Tetachuck Lakes which makes relaxation an easy holiday option.

The Tetachuck Wilderness lodge accommodation

The Tetachuck lodge comprises the main lodge and six log cabins. The main lodge is where the meals are served on a daily basis. The main lodge has the kitchen and dining area for serving the meals plus a small library on hand with a good selection of books to enjoy.

The log cabins can cater for up to a total of 25 people with between two and eight guests can stay in each cabin.

Guests have the use of hot and cold water and toilets are standard. There are also wood burning stoves in each of the cabins.

The six cabins on offer are;

West Cabin – four rooms and space for up to 8 guests

This is one of the large log cabins. With four rooms, there is space for 8 guests to sleep. This cabin has a wood-burning stove and a large fireplace, which radiates pleasant warmth. In this cabin there are two bathrooms. The large veranda is the ideal spot to read a book or just enjoy the view of the lake.

East cabin – A large house with 3 double rooms and accommodation for up to 7 guests

The East Cabin, which has a great view out to the east is a large house. The house has three double bedrooms and one single room which in total offers accommodation for up to seven people. There is a great fireplace in the living area and below the east cabin there is a picturesque beach for guests to enjoy.

Packard Cabin – Offers accommodation for 3 people

This special cabin was built by David Packard (HP Printers) and was regularly visited by him and his friends and used as a hunting base. This cabin was built by David Packard (HP printers) and was used by him and his friends as a hunting camp. It is furnished with a double bed, but there is space for three people. The cabin itself is positioned quite close to the main house. So if you are hungry you will be there in no time.

Ericson Cabin – Offers accommodation for 2 people

The Ericson cabin is the oldest cabin out of the six on Tetachuck lodge. It was lived in by a trapper. The cabin has just the one room and can accommodate two guests. A shower and toilet is also in this cabin. One of the great benefits to this cabin is that it is higher than the rest and therefore has a terrific view of the upper part of the lake.

Point Cabin – The “romantic cabin” and it offers space for up to 3 people

The Point Cabin is what the owners like to call the romantic cabin and it is furnished with a lovely double bed. There is actually space for three people and it is possible to take in the view of the lake from every one of the Point Cabins windows. This makes it perfect for enjoying the spectacular views and setting on offer.

Green Cabin – Suitable for families with 2 bedrooms and a gallery overlooking the lake

The Green Cabin is what the owners say is most suited to the families looking to visit. There is a splendid gallery to enjoy and two rooms. The spectacular lake can be viewed from the living room right across to the east and west.

Visitors who stay at any one of the log cabins at Tetachuck lodge have a vast range of activities available and are spoilt for choice.

Hiking and Walking
In the spectacular setting of Tetachuck lodge in Western Canada there is an abundance of impressive mountain peaks to climb, plus the Redfern Rapids that visitors can enjoy. Whether you would like to discover not just nature, real nature while hiking in the forests and experience of the wilderness maybe with an overnight stay, or picturesque lakes or simply relax in the open space the setting here is perfect for it. There are still enchanting forests to enjoy and peace and tranquillity that you may never have experienced before.
With the Tetachuck lake right on the doorstep what better way is there to enjoy it than to take out one of the canoes on offer at the Tetachuck lodge. If this is an option then the owners will provide very precise routes and accompanying directions that you can explore at your own free will.


The fishing options are Redfern Rapids, Eustuck Lake and Tetachuck Lake. Anyone wanting to fish will be required to obtain a fishing licence but these can be acquired online on a day to day basis.

Sight-Seeing Flights

If you are interested in viewing the area from above then there is the opportunity to book a sea plane which will take you high over the West Coast Mountains so that you can enjoy the glaciers and a range of stunning waterfalls.

Wildlife Observations

Near to the Tetachuck Lodge There is a wide range of wildlife surrounding the Tetachuck Lodge, the nearby lakes and the mountains. So observing this array of wildlife in their natural environment, such as elks, deers, beavers, otters and bears can be a wonderful experience.

Prices at Tetachuck Lodge

Prices 2015
CAD 150.00 per person and per night for double occupancy with full board
Each additional person is CAD 100.00 for full board

Children up to 12 years old, 50% discount in the parents´ cabin.
4 to 9 nights we can offer a discount of 15%
10 and more nights 20% discount


2 persons, 4 nights full board, CAD 2370.00 including flight by floatplane from Burns Lake round trip.

The prices quoted above include the following:
Fishing poles
Park permit
Trail usage fees in the park

Not included in price:
Taxes: PST und GST
Transportation to the lodge and back

from Burns Lake:
Cessna: 1 to 3 Persons: 1350.00 CAD
Beaver: 4 to 6 Persons: 1960.00 CAD

from Nimpo Lake:
Cessna: 1 to 3 Persons: 1650.00 CAD
Beaver: 4 to 6 Persons: 2460.00 CAD

By boat: from Nechako Lodge 600 CAD max. 4 Persons

Alcoholic beverages
Fishhooks (one hook at no charge, CAD 5.00 per additional hook)
Fishing license can be purchase online locally or in advance from home

Please note:
Only cash can be accepted at the lodge

Important notes:
Insurance: The owners strongly advise that comprehensive insurance is taken out before the start of your trip. In accordance with Canadian insurance and liability regulations, every guest must sign a waiver of liability and acknowledgment of risk at the start of their stay.

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