Europe is a wonderful place to explore but even more so if you are doing it from the base of a beautiful log cabin. A log cabin break is like no other; just finding yourself ensconced within a lodge created from natural timber has a somnambulistic effect that begins to make you relax and unwind from the moment you step through the door. It really offers the best of both worlds – wonderfully luxurious surroundings with all mod cons and yet you feel as if you are getting back to nature, reminiscent of the old log cabins that were built by settlers many years ago.

But if you have a log cabin in Europe, you really are spoilt for choice as to what to do and where to explore. In cases like this it is best if you get out the map, decide where you want to go and then make a plan. So how about trying out a log cabin holiday in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland or France?

Depending upon where you stay in Norway, you should find yourself with amazing views of mountains and fjords so will have ample countryside to explore as well as the many towns. If you are lucky you may be able to see the Northern Lights when you are not too busy hiking, skiing or even running with the dogs on the sleighs!

Sweden has plenty going for it and it is a wonderful place to stay in a traditional log cabin. Your location will dictate whether you should spend your time hiking, cycling, canoeing or even fishing if that appeals. You will also find wonderful forests and hills full of the local wildlife.

But what about Switzerland and a beautiful lodge all of your own? If the thought of heaps of snow, skiing and snowball fights rocks your boat, then the Swiss mountains should provide the perfect lure. Whatever the size or age of your party, you will never be bored.

France also has plenty of log cabins suitable for all year round relaxation. Get ready to chill in the comforting surroundings with a delightful array of countryside around you to venture into and explore. Dependent upon where your cabin has been positioned, you will be able to choose from stunning coastlines and lakeside locations; cycling or walking the many pathways through the forests and fields; shopping til you drop in the towns and cities or even burning up few calories on the ski slopes.

With such a wealth of things to do in Europe, just pick your destination and away you go!