Spending time in a log cabin in France sounds just perfect doesn’t it? Not only is your temporary home going to be as magical as it sounds, surrounding you with the smells and textures of natural wood, located in a beautiful environment, but you are also going to have time to explore.

France covers such a large area, ideally you should research which part of it you want to visit before booking your cabin or lodge. From the rambling and rugged coasts of Brittany to the Pyrenees or the stunning bays of Corsica, each has their own special appeal. Add into the mix the Dordogne and Loire Valley and you may find yourself struggling to select an option.

If you are stuck pondering your destination, then take a little time to look into what each area has to offer, unique unto itself. Did you know that the Dordogne has cave paintings from the prehistoric era? Further north you will find some wonderfully Gothic styled cathedrals and of course, never forget Paris and its many attractions, from the wonderful wines to the amazing array of shops and markets.

France also has its share of entertaining and entrancing places to visit from museums and galleries to fishing ports and majestic mountains interspersed with winding rivers. The coast may lure you to try out its many temptations such as the meandering beaches touched by the lapping of waves. If you want to burn off some energy or a few calories, how about some skiing or even sailing? Evenings bring the myriad of clubs, movies and music festivals to entertain with something for every age and every taste.

At the end of your busy day, you can of course rest easy in the knowledge that you can return to your luxuriously equipped lodge and chill out with a glass or two of wine. If your log cabin comes with a private hot tub, then what better way to rest those weary legs and feet than by giving them a good soak whilst you reminisce about your day’s exploring’s.
Try out a log cabin break in France now and create some beautiful memories.