South West Scotland

If this is your first log cabin holiday, prepare to be swept off your feet by a brand new lodging experience! There really is nothing to compare to sleeping and relaxing in your own timber lodge, surrounded by wonderful countryside and the bountiful delights of nature. Here you are more likely to sleep better than you have ever done before, aided by the restful landscape and cosy habitat.

With lodges spread all over the UK, South West Scotland is a particular attractive area, frequented on a regular basis by return visitors who have fallen for the charms of Dumfries and Galloway. Here you will find plenty to delight the whole party, no matter the ages or tastes of each individual. Art galleries, great walks, numerous restaurants serving tasty food and book shops – all of this mixed with the usual pretty gardens, historical venues and coastal delights of places like Port William, a delightful small fishing village.

South West Scotland is an area immersed in adventure. The hills, mountains, rivers and forests all seem to blend into one, providing plenty of places to explore and hike through. Visitor Centres there are plenty of, as well as museums and craft centres. The dramatic coastline stretches for hundreds of miles, drawing into its enclave numerous eclectic villages, busy towns and uncluttered and unspoilt beauty.

For travellers, this part of Scotland is easy to access as it is close to the border with England. If you want to spread your wings and cover Scotland and Ireland in one fell swoop, then close to Port William you will find crossings to Belfast and Larne from Stranraer and Cairnryan. Add into your itinerary a trip to Northern Ireland or even just pop across the water to explore the many sights and sounds for a day.

Finally, with plenty of Forestry Commission territory to wander in, Galloway Forest Park boasts the first Dark Sky Park to be found in the UK! Definitely something the children will absorb and digest ready to take the information back to school with them.

South West Scotland is a delight. Get your log cabin holiday booked now and explore the delights of both the accommodation and the countryside.