When you think log cabins, you may think of places like Sweden, so why not have the holiday of a lifetime in a genuine log cabin in Sweden! A traditional log cabin has so much going for it; made of solid wood which is sustainable, a holiday in a cabin like this truly is the green alternative when it comes to choosing a type of accommodation.

The log cabin construction from solid wood, brings with it many positive qualities. When they are cut down to provide the raw material; carbon dioxide is preserved within the wood. This makes it a healthy, warm and welcoming fabric to be surrounded by. If this is your first stay in a typical log cabin, then prepared to be amazed at just how enjoyable it is.

By choosing to stay in a Swedish-style lodge in Sweden, you will be allowing yourself to take advantage of the many beautiful lakes, forests and even mountains. On the coast you will find Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. Adventures are to be had when visiting palaces, museums and wonderful parks.

The north of the country is green and lush with many forests, whilst if you venture further south, you will find a mixture of cottages interspersed with original Viking burial grounds as well as many paths to either hike or cycle upon.

The cities provide a wealth of great restaurants, shops, stores and cultural escapes. A wonder not to be missed is the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarv, which really is sculpted out of snow and ice. Not only is it awe-inspiring to view, but here you can book excursions on snowmobiles or try your hand at ice sculpting or ice driving. Alternatively, what about a relaxing sauna followed by dinner?

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Gothenburg, then a visit to Marstrand Island is intriguing. Pretty wooden homes, sailing boats and the rocks of the coastline surrounding the ocean all come together to create an impressive vista. You will also find lavish hotels to visit for dinner where you can enjoy the menu whilst looking out over the island and its stunning scenery. Overall, a holiday in a log cabin in Sweden truly is a treat not to be missed.