Log cabin farm holidays and other ideas for the kids

Why not turn your holiday into an adventure? With log cabin farm holidays. Plus, other ideas that your other half and family will never forget. We’ve found some log cabins with a themed twist in some wonderfully themed log cabins in the UK and further afield.

Log cabin farm holidays at Coombe Mill

log cabin farm holidays

Step off the rat race treadmill and get back to nature on a farm, or in a cabin with a difference.
The Coombe Mill lodges (£399-1049 per week) in Cornwall host a welcoming, family-friendly working farm. They comprise a handful of spacious lodges that sleep up to 7 people. The kids will love feeding the animals and riding the tractors – when we say ‘kids’, we mean some of the grown-ups too.

We’re also big fans of the charmingly rustic Bouviac Woodland Shacks in north Yorkshire. Each cabin (from £225) is made from sustainable coppice tree wood, and features lovely up-cycled furniture and wood burners.

To make you feel more at one with nature they have no electricity or internet connection, but don’t worry they are reassuringly close to a wi-fi connection at the main lodge.

Treehouse adventures in Sweden

log cabin farm holidays

As well a number of log cabin farm holidays we have some log cabins that are a little out of the ordinary, being short on logs or not being cabin-shaped. That said, who doesn’t love a treehouse? You’ll love the ‘Cabin in the Trees’ in Sweden’s Treehotel Complex (starting at £420), which overlooks the Lule River valley from a steep hillside.

This is no ordinary treehouse though; along with the others in the complex, it’s been designed by some of the brightest architectural minds in Sweden. Each treehouse has been furnished with typically sleek and modern décor that’s perfect for a stylish yet romantic getaway.


log cabin farm holidays

Speaking of Scandi style, you don’t have to go as far as Sweden to enjoy the classic combination of bare Finnish pine and cosy furnishings. Up in Inverness, Scotland is the Big Sky Lodges (£349-799), a cluster of 6 Scandinvaian-themed log cabins set in 17 acres. There’s plenty to do up here as well, with lots of local history, archeology and great outdoors to explore if you fancy it.

We’re always on the lookout for more themed log cabins. Those are some of our favourites – but do tell us about yours!