Log cabin holidays with hot tubs

willow lodge devon

Log cabin holidays with hot tubs are an ideal break where you can enjoy the added luxury of your very own, private hot tub in beautiful surroundings with your friends or loved ones. However you decide to spend your days; whether it’s blissful strolls through the countryside or endless hours of fun at the beach, there’s surely no better way to soak your tired muscles than in a bubbling hot tub a your private log cabin as the sun goes down.

Log cabin holidays with hot tubs can fit the bill for all, being particularly ideal for couples but also perfect for small groups of friends, family groups or even larger gatherings such as corporate teams or stag and hen parties. A luxury log cabin with a hot tub will bring memories that can last a lifetime, and the amount of choice available means that you can find something just perfect for you.

Finding the right location

Location is everything when you’re planning a holiday. Ideally you should be close enough to home so that your holiday time isn’t eaten up by travel, but far enough away so that you can experience a change in scenery and be able to feel like you’re on holiday. UK breaks are increasingly common, due to many factors but travel time is certainly a main point. Surprisingly a survey that questioned 2,000 children aged 6 to 17 found that 73% said their perfect holiday didn’t include air travel.

Log cabin holidays are located all over the UK; around our coastlines, in our countryside, forests and off the beaten track, which means that you’re never more than a comfortable driving distance away from a dream log cabin break. Consider what makes a holiday for you – does there need to be a beach nearby? Do you want on-site entertainment? Are you bringing pets? Do you require a family friendly site or adult only? Different sites and locations offer, accept and provide different amenities and with hundreds available, your perfect choice may be closer to home than you thought.

Of course you can have a mix of everything you require, even if your needs are varied, by booking somewhere like the Lakeview Lodge in Devon. Located in the grounds of a manor house, this is near enough to the beaches to enjoy some stunning coastal scenery, but far enough from any busy towns that you can hide away and enjoy gentle sports like fishing or walking in the surrounding countryside.

Preparing for your holiday

Preparing and planning properly prior to your holiday, reduces the chances of any stress or delays once there. If you have opted for self-catering accommodation then you can save money dramatically by arriving fully equipped with toiletries, groceries and essentials – as onsite shops can be pricy! In addition to this, when you arrive prepared none of your holiday is spent tracking down and trawling local supermarkets.

Quick item checklist:

– Towels, bedding and bed linen (some sites do provide these for a fee)
– Swimwear
– Candles / tea lights (not essential but great for a romantic atmosphere in the tub)
– CD player, MP3 player or smartphone for music (don’t forget your charger!)
– Sandals or flipflops (for walking to and from the tub)
– Champagne (if more bubbles are needed for a celebratory weekend!)

Booking your holiday

Once you have an idea of where you want to go, you can filter down your search based on preferences, price and requirements. Remember, you’ll often get charged more to go away at peak times of the year, but booking log cabin holidays with hot tubs can be done at any time of year and they’re likely to be a little cheaper in the winter months, so if you’re on a budget, perhaps look at a cosy winter break instead of paying more in the summertime. Holidays and peak times such as Christmas and summer tend to book up early so it’s best to plan well in advance of these times too.

furrows farmstead lodge hot tub

One of the most important things to remember when booking is that your chosen lodge caters for all of your party. Not all lodges are dog friendly, so if you want to take your faithful friend away, you’ll need somewhere like Furrows Farmstead, which specifically states that dogs are allowed. The last thing you want is to turn up at a lodge, and find your pet is not allowed in.

Planning your route

Nowadays there is no reason to leave for your holiday with the risk of getting lost or delayed on the way. Aside from the old favourite AA route map and fairly new satnav, there are now many apps you can download to your smartphone which will make the journey stress free, such as: Tripit, SpeedyRoute and of course GoogleMaps. Make sure you have the postcode of your destination handy, and write it down on a piece of paper in case your phone battery decides to give out during the journey.

Final Thoughts

A log cabin holiday, when planned for properly, can be the perfect respite from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s a break that’s unrivalled for the ability to relax and unwind and although it’s likely to only be a weekend or few days away, it’s definitely the quality of the stay and not the quantity that makes the difference.