Log Cabin Weekend Breaks

A weekend break is great any time of year and log cabin weekend breaks are no different. Taking a break is something many people love to do. Everyone appreciates the short break away from their normal routine and with busier lives than ever before we appreciate every moment we can get away from it all. There are many ways that people choose to take a break, and one of the ways people choose to relax is by booking log cabin weekend breaks.

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What to do?

Having a short break in an isolated cabin can be a great way to enjoy a relaxed weekend with your family or friends. You can enjoy your break even more however, if there are things to do in the area that you may not have tried before. If you need to take a break, but are unsure about what equipment you need for different new activities, here is how to best prepare for log cabin weekend breaks;

Log cabin weekend breaks for fishing trips

Lake fishing can also be a great option when you need to take a short break. It will take some time to prepare, but when all is prepared, you will be good to go. With this type of break, you will enjoy your personal time to the fullest. You will only need to take out your old boots, get a sturdy fishing rod, and hit the road.
The log cabins for fishing trips are mostly self-managed, and they will give you a great amount of time alone.

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To prepare well for this, you will need to look for a cabin that is located near to a river or lake to find cabins that have a well developed fishing space. You might also want to find convenient stores around the area, which can ensure you are well equipped for the fishing trip. You might want to rent a boat, if you need to go deeper into the waters, or you may want to get some fishing boots. Preparing for all this before you go will make a fishing break much more relaxing.

Short breaks for anniversaries, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.

This is a great opportunity for a couple that has little time alone together. However, not every destination will offer a good venue for couples. You can opt to take a short weekend break, in a modern log cabin, which can have a Jacuzzi tub, a fireplace, and other special features. The best sort of log cabin weekend breaks to have with a partner are those that are seclude, but close enough to good restaurants, in case you wish to enjoy a romantic meal out.

Log cabin weekend breaks for a family

Travelling with the entire family for a weekend break can be a great way to change the pace. Those with adventurous kids will likely want to spend the weekend taking part in activities that will make the weekend fly by. You might want to go biking, hiking, or just getting closer to nature. Whichever activity you want to get involved in log cabin weekend breaks will allow you to find somewhere close by to try something different.

If you need to go hiking, make sure that you have the right clothing and equipment to climb with. Also, ensure that you have studied the area well, and you are sure of the rules and regulations of the area. If you want to go biking, make sure that you choose a log cabin that is surrounded with multiple tracks. You may decide to rent bikes in order to free up more space in your car when travelling to your destination.

Top Cabins To Consider

The UK has a wealth of opportunities for log cabin weekend breaks. Here are some log cabins to consider when you need to find one for a weekend break in the UK;

Willow Lodge, South View Lodges in Devon

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This lodge is located in Devon, and it is only a few miles from Exeter, and has a very tranquil setting, surrounded by a six acre of lakes and woodland. It can hold a maximum of four people, and it will suit those who would want to engage in some outdoor activities. The activities that can be carried out are golfing, walking, fishing, cycling, horse riding, or angling. There is also a shop nearby, free Wi-Fi, and a hot tub in the lodge.

Dwr Felin Log Cabins, Carno in Powys

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These cabins have been designed with ultimate log cabin experience in mind. Every cabin has a private hot tub, and there are three bedrooms, that accommodate up to 6 people in total. It can be suitable for a romantic getaway, fishing breaks, walking, or simply relaxing, and you will find several shops around so you won’t have to leave your cabin for long.

Arthurs Cabin, Floor Park in Northumberland

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This is a 5-star log cabin that is located near the lake. It has been made using the best pine timber, imported from Finland. The kitchen is superbly designed, with granite finishing, and the appliances are all stainless steel. There are three bedrooms to hold up to six people and the sofas are leather. The guesthouse also offers a 24-hour laundry service, so you can choose to stay longer than a weekend, without having to worry about housework!

Whichever the cabin you choose to have your weekend break, ensure you prepare for your break well, packing the right items, and knowing where it is you want to visit. Preparing well for log cabin weekend breaks will allow you to make the most of your time there.