See the ‘real’ night sky on a Northumberland Log Cabin Break

A Northumberland log cabin break might not have been at the top of your list for stargazing. But when it comes to seeing the night sky, many of us live in towns and cities where the true scope of this amazing spectacle is just not visible. In fact, even in the quieter villages, streetlights will impact what you can see when you look up. Yes, we can see the brighter stars, but what about the Milky Way? What about the millions of stars that never catch our eye because they are drowned out by motorway lights?

northumberland log cabin breaks milky way

If you’ve always wanted to experience a truly amazing sight like the Milky Way or you live in a city where a chance to see any stars is a rare treat, then you may be surprised to know you don’t actually need to travel all that far to get a good view of it in the UK.

Northumberland log cabin breaks for stargazers

You may not realise that Northumberland in the UK, is actually a destination many stargazers visit, on account of it offering one of the darkest night sky areas in Europe for astronomy. This ability to see the ‘real’ night sky is also an attractive prospect for those who want a romantic weekend away or a family-break with a bit of excitement for the children.

With an observatory in Kielder Forest that’s open all year round offering a range of talks and star gazing opportunities, as well as 250 square miles of forest to explore, it’s a place that is only a step away from magical and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re looking for a really special star gazing experience then a Northumberland Log Cabin break or holiday is the perfect way to enjoy all that the area has to offer. There are plenty of beautifully furnished log cabins to choose from, offering a unique base in which to explore the area from and of course the best chance of seeing the Milky Way.

Kielder Water Lodges in Northumberland are right in the heart of star gazing territory and with special rules for lighting in this area of Northumberland, you will be able to see the night sky in its full glory more often than not. Whether you simply want to teach the children a few constellations or you’d like to enjoy the night sky for its beauty, it’s all possible.

However, a lodge break doesn’t just stop at stargazing. On occasion, the Northern Lights have been seen in this area and with activities like fishing, mountain biking and golf, you will have plenty to keep you occupied during the daytime. Then when you’ve done your stargazing of an evening, you can enjoy a friendly drink at the local pub and relax away any stresses.

If you are looking for something near the stunning Northumberland coastline, then a log cabin at South Broomhill near Amble is a great location. With the beach nearby, you can take in what is one of the most stunning coastlines in the UK. And being a stone’s throw from the local nature reserve you can take in some wildlife too.

northumberland log cabins scenery

If you want something really off the beaten track that offers tranquility and peace from the demands of the everyday, then a log cabin at Border Forest Lodges near Otterburn is a perfect destination to choose.

While it borders the Kielder Forest and it’s within easy reach of the Penine Way, it is a truly rural experience. So if quiet walks and stunning scenery are what you’re after in the daytime, with a tranquil base to return to of an evening, consider this area for your next cabin break.

A log cabin break is probably one of the few options for those who still like the excitement of a holiday with lots of outdoor activities, without the need to compromise on luxury and comfortable accommodation. Many of the log cabins we offer boast hot tubs and all are stunningly furnished with all the amenities you could possibly want, including TV, DVD, Microwave and fridge freezer.

Why not take a look at our log cabin holiday properties now and start planning your perfect stargazing, beach or countryside holiday. You’ll be surprised how much value you will get but you’ll be even more surprised at the scenery that awaits…

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