Dog and pet friendly log cabins in the UK

One of the nicest things about owning a pet is being able to take them with you on a nice relaxing holiday. So, when you are choosing your destination and accommodation, there is lots to think about. Especially as you will have an important companion to think about in addition to ensuring the best holiday experience for all the other family members.

Some accommodations and in particular some of our pet friendly log cabins state that they will accept dogs. The majority will. However, in some instances you may find that some breeds are not acceptable. Plus, you may be only able to take one pet and not two as expected. If you have more than one dog, it’s best to check first to see how many are allowed to stay at your cabin.

Have consideration for your pet friendly log cabins surroundings

Lodges, cabins, yurts and other holiday properties are usually set in beautiful locations. Some are near the seaside for beach lovers and some are perfectly located for access to the loveliest National Parks. Whichever you choose, it is a worth quickly checking out any rules and regulations there may be concerning walking your dog.

pet friendly log cabins in the UK

For example, one of our three bedded properties is the Cwm Gain log cabin, in Wales. Which is close to Porthgain. The beautiful harbour town where you’ll be able to walk down to the sandy beach and enjoy the wonderful views with your dog. It goes without saying that this wonderful part of the Welsh Coastline is noted for its glorious views and wonderful walks and there are many pubs, cafes and restaurants in the area that welcome dogs. The Internet is a good source of information regarding this.

pet friendly log cabins

If you’d prefer to visit Scotland with your pet, you could even choose to visit the West Loch Shores Lodges, in Argyll, which would be perfect for an idyllic luxury loch-side break for you and your dog. You could explore Talbert, which is close by, and enjoy a taste of the famous seafood served in it’s restaurants, with a bit of Talbert’s tasty ice cream for dessert. Be sure that you have a list of all the places that allow dogs though, before you set off on your holiday.

Of course, no matter how much you love your pet and enjoy their company, there may be one or two occasions on your holiday when your dog may not be allowed to accompany you or perhaps you just want a romantic meal out. If so, you need to consider how your pet is when left alone. He is probably perfectly well behaved at home but he may behave differently in a strange and unfamiliar environment. So having his favourite toys and bedding with you will help him to settle down, particularly during the night and when he is alone. A sleeping crate is an ideal solution.

Pet friendly log cabins and travelling there

Whether you are travelling to your pet friendly lodge by car or by public transport you will need to consider what kind of traveller your pet is. If he is inclined to get car sick or otherwise uncomfortable during transportation then this will need to influence your choice of destination. Travelling a distance that is within your pet’s tolerance levels will certainly make for a stress free journey! But if you are able to go a long way don’t forget to take some food for your pet along with plenty of water, especially on a hot day. And take plenty of leg-stretching opportunities and toilet stops.

What about a doggy suitcase!

Although pet friendly log cabins may be welcoming to pets, that doesn’t mean they provide the necessities for your dog’s stay, so it is a good idea when packing your case to make a packing list for your dog too and maybe put his things in a separate, wipe-clean holdall. The following is an example list of essentials for him:

• Their regular food – enough to last for the duration of the holiday, including journey times.

• Their food and water bowls, plus any utensils you normally use for serving their food.

• Collar and lead, including an i.d. tag in case they get lost. Make sure their microchip details are up to date.

• Details of an out-of-hours vet service in the area you’re travelling to in case of any emergency.

• His own bed and/or bedding, to help him settle at night.

• If your pet wears a jacket normally, take this along with a spare one for when the weather is wet.
Ideal for ensuring they are not quite so soaked and smelly when you get back to your room.

• For this same purpose – take a couple of towels along with some pet wipes so that the holiday property is not splattered with muddy wet paw prints!

• If your pet is inclined to climb onto furniture, take an old sheet to keep the furniture clean, or at the very least take a lint roller to clean off any pet hairs, which do land on the furnishings.

• Poo bags – the most important item of all! Wherever you take your dog be sure to clean up after them. And sometimes even the most reliable of pets can have ‘accidents’ in unfamiliar surroundings so it’s a good idea to take a good stain removing product and some kitchen roll.

• Finally, for the journey, take a hot weather sunscreen for the car and a rucksack or bum bag to carry around your dog’s water and other necessities.

The keys to enjoying pet friendly log cabins are preparation and planning. Take everything you need with you, make sure to keep your dog on a lead where necessary and you are sure to want to return again and again.