Some of the remotest log cabin holiday locations on the Planet!

Grab a torch, make sure that you have Google maps running and book some time away from work – we’re about to take a look at some of the remotest log cabin holiday locations on the planet. From the downright treacherous to the most secluded, if there’s a cabin that’s so far off of the map that it’s only visible from space, we’ll be getting to know a little bit more about it!

A Treacherous Climb, but a Great View

log cabin holiday locations

If you’re afraid of heights, then this cabin may be a destination that you will want to avoid. Not only is it dangerously situated overlooking a gargantuan drop – the only way to get to it is to traverse the perilous series of ladders that resemble something from a treehouse’s worst nightmare!

Talk About Remote…

log cabin holiday locations

Now here’s one that would make the ultimate location for a cult horror flick. Possibly the most terrifying thing about this cabin is that someone must actually live there! Is it for the view? Or for the location, maybe? We can’t even begin to imagine why anyone would call this place home. Maybe they like wide, open spaces?

At the Heart of Nature

log cabin holiday locations

Okay, now this one we get. As lonely as it looks, surrounded by what appears to be sheer expanses of land – there’s clearly more to this cabin than meets the eye. What do you think about that strange, eerie glow coming from within? We’re thinking it’s possibly a small research centre – either that or the owner really, really isn’t a fan of people.

A Forest Hideout

remote log cabi holiday locations

Now here’s a cabin that looks as functional as it is secluded. Imagine trying to spot this from a satellite in space – you’ll need x-ray vision to get through that tree canopy, and then a colour chart to spot it amongst the foliage! The entry does seem to be made of food crates however, so maybe there’s a Sainsbury’s nearby?

Fresh Fishing at its Finest

remote log cabins of the world

We have a particularly well-situated cabin now – if you’re a fisherman! Prepare to scour the globe in search of it, as it’s located right on the mouth of a lake. This cabin may not have Wi-Fi, nor an active connection to electricity – but it will definitely negate the need to take a trip to the store for your supply of fish.

Tell Us When You Spot It

remote cabins in the world

You won’t need the torch we mentioned earlier, but you might need a magnifying glass! Not only is this cabin incredibly difficult to spot at first glance – it’s completely flanked by what we can only describe by one of the biggest cliff/ hill combinations we’ve ever seen. The only concern we have relates to the rain. With such a steep slope, we hope that the cabin is well equipped with a water expulsion system – otherwise that warm night in front of the fireplace may soon turn into an unwanted bath of epic proportions.

Do you know of any more remote locations where cabins exist? If so let us know in the comments below.