UK Cabin Holidays with kids? – 9 Top tips

UK cabin holidays are great. You want to be close to nature, and allow your kids to discover the beauty of being part of the natural environment around them, but you’re not quite ready to give up your creature comforts and sacrifice your precious holiday sleep. UK Cabin holidays could be the answer? But how do you ensure this type of holiday with the kids in tow, actually is, a holiday?

So, here they are, some cabin holiday ideas and top tips for families with kids

UK cabin holidays

Tip #1: Be prepared:

Release your inner boy scout and get up close and personal with organisation. Anything with kids in the equation is likely to be considerably more successful, and enjoyable as a parent, with preparation, and lists. Packing lists, Menu Lists, Day Out Lists. Make them. Use them. Take in to account all eventualities before you leave home, meaning that you can take a mental break when you are away knowing that you’ve got it covered.

Tip #2: Embrace nature’s playground:

Generally kids and nature are best buddies. With little effort required from Mum and Dad, most log cabins are located in their very own, unique, natural play zone. Combined with the rustic atmosphere of a cabin (coupled with creature comforts) your children can experience the beauty of camping, gaining a taste of adventure without the guy ropes to trip over, or the boil in the bag 5am wake up call.

It’s incredible how much time can be ‘wasted’ whilst the kids explore the beautiful setting, safely away from the dangers of roads, whilst mum and dad get an opportunity to relax on the veranda. You can even encourage their play and exploration further by directing scavenger hunts, or by leading the way with pebble decorating, or making natural wind mobiles. Let them play, let them explore, let them grow in nature’s playground.

Tip #3: Relish the creature comforts:

UK cabin holidays provide the ideal setting to take in the peace and tranquillity that comes from being close to nature, whilst also ensuring a weary parent goes home rested and recuperated thanks to a stay where comfort is paramount. Not all log cabins are equal, but if you choose one through us you can be sure that our high standards are met, and you have peace of mind knowing exactly what you can expect. Plus, always choose your log cabin based on exactly what makes a holiday or break for you.

Tip #4: Scout it out:

Different-aged children need different things. Do you need toddler-safety to be paramount? Do you need to save everyone’s sanity by making sure your teens can access wi-fi? Do you need to be able to see a reasonable distance from your accommodation, meaning your teen can explore and stretch their burgeoning independence without you clipping their wings?

A UK cabin holiday provides for every eventuality, but you need to do your homework. So if dad wants to play golf, whilst the teens go off mountain-biking, and mum enjoys her book and the hot tub, but you all want to meet at the pub for dinner, you can. Or you want to be able to get to the beach, and let younger kids roam free, whilst the toddler is contained on the decking, knowing you’ve got your evening covered with luxury facilities, you can.

Tip #5: Good grub:

It’s not a holiday if the person who always does the cooking is still there feeding the masses on holiday. But with a little preparation, it is possible to plan your food for holiday in a way that means a relaxing time for all.

Log cabins provide much better cooking facilities than camping. And kids like familiarity. Therefore dad’s cordon bleu spag bol, or mum’s deluxe lasagne, are possible. With freezer space, you can even bring things ready made from home, lightening the holiday load further.

Even better, let meal preparation become part of the entertainment: shelling peas on the veranda with a glass of chilled prosecco (or apple juice for the kiddies!) is an experience in itself. More so, kids can be encouraged to make dishes such as baked bananas on the barbeque embers, bringing another taste of the wild to their experience bank.

uk cabin holidays

Tip #6: Bring outdoor activities:

Your log cabin is in nature’s playground whether you are in England, Wales, Scotland, France or Canada, but there’s no harm in extending it so that you can maximise your relaxation potential, knowing the kids are entertained and happy. Balls, bikes, scooters, Frisbee’s, skipping ropes and buckets are all perfect additions to your packing list, extending the play opportunities tenfold.

Tip #7: Bring indoor activities:

The chances are, you may experience some rainy days on your break. The trick is to embrace these days as opportunities to unplug and reconnect, rather than watch the rain dripping off the hot tub with misery. If you have brought age-appropriate activities such as sticker books, board games, or craft sets, then when the skies turn grey, you can be sure to raise some smiles and make some memories.

Tip #8: Welcome the weather:

Following on from Tip #7, A UK based cabin holiday is going to be a success if you welcome the weather: pack for all eventualities, and work the layered look. Evenings on the veranda will be more enjoyable without the moans of being cold, or wet feet from fun skimming stones in the lake don’t matter if the shoes will dry quickly, and a little bit of drizzle won’t stop you if everyone has a kagool.

Tip #9: Wonder in the moment:

If you’ve followed tips 1-8, you’re all set for our final tip: Wonder in the Moment. Being at one with nature, with the comfort of log cabin amenities, it places you in the unique position of being able to gain memories. Watch in wonder as your child explores and discovers. Listen to their observations of the world around them, play, explore, reconnect. And know that a cabin holiday was exactly the right choice, at the right time, for your family.

If you can think of any more tips or have any then let us know below.