Powys Mid Wales

Are you ready for your adventure in a log cabin in Powys? This is a stunning area of Mid Wales with an immense bounty of natural beauty comprising flowing streams, green meadows and majestic mountains.

Add to this the fun and delight of staying in an original log cabin, built in the traditional style and crafted from solid timber, and you have a wonderful holiday to look forward to. A log cabin stay cannot be compared to any other accommodation; it gives a unique feeling of peace and tranquillity added to by the warmth and charm that is naturally given off by such a wonderful structure. Think of words like comfort, peace and enchantment and you may begin to feel just a hint of what a break in such a wonderful abode can bring to your holiday.

By choosing to stay in a log cabin in Powys, you will find yourself bang in the middle of all that is Mid Wales. You of course will be surrounded by an outstanding area of natural beauty which provides plenty to do even without a trip to the many visitor attractions. However, if you or the children feel in the mood to visit a few special places, here are just a few.

How about those budding astronauts in the group get a taste of a real observatory? The Spaceguard Centre commands a prime spot on the hills above Knighton and does a fantastic job of illustrating just a few prime wonders of all that is outer space.

Offa’s Dyke Visitor Centre provides wonderful paths and areas of the Welsh countryside to explore as well as exhibitions.
Is golf your cup of tea? Then how about Knighton Golf Club which not only provides visitors with magnificent views but a tremendous course that will keep you occupied for many hours. It has been in existence since 1906 so comes complete with a wonderful atmosphere and chronicle of previous players.

The Secret Hills Discovery Centre not only has acres of delightful walks but you can also see how your head for heights is in a simulated flight in a hot air balloon! All the fun and none of the danger.

Get your log cabin booked and get ready to experience a myriad of delights in Mid Wales.